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Silicon carbide is a kind of inorganic non-metallic materials, with excellent mechanical strength and hardness, small creep deformation, good oxidation resistance, good corrosion resistance and good wear resistance, it is an ideal choice for high temperature engineering materials. Due to the outstanding properties, silicon carbide ceramic is also recognized as a mechanical sealing ring material better than metals, tungsten carbide, al2o3 ceramics and more. Moreover, it also has advantages of self-lubricating properties and low friction coefficient.

Kinds of Grade:
Various kinds of wear parts made in silicon carbide (SiC). Such as, seal faces, bushing/sleeves, spray nozzles ad more. Different grades of silicon Carbide are available as following:
• Reaction bonded silicon carbide (RB SiC)-a very economical material which gives excellent wear characteristics, as well as good chemical resistance.
• Sintered silicon carbide (SSiC)-the absence of free silicon makes it most resistant to chemically-aggressive fluids, and ideal for high temperature applications.
• Graphite-loaded silicon carbide-this is a composite of silicon carbide and free graphite. Graphite is added to RB SiC (RB SiC + C) or SSiC (SSiC + C), to improve tribological behavior by enhanced lubricity.

Main Performance Index of Sintered Reaction Silicon Carbide
Item UnitsReaction sintered SiC(SiSIC)Pressureless sintered SiC(SSIC)

Elastic ModulusGpa300338
Poisson Ratio
Bending StrengthMpa350-450400-580
Compressive StrengthMpa30003900
Thermal ConductivityWm/k35-110125.6
Coefficient of Heat ExpansionJ/oC4.3x10-64.02x10-6
Heat ResistanceoC13001650

Sintered Silicon Carbide (S-SiC) main applications
  PetroleumWork environmentApplicationAdvantage
High temperature, hydraulics, grindingsNozzles, spindle seals, bearings, glove valves, valve platesAnti-wear, anti-heat
Chemical  Strong acid or alkaliSpindle seals, bearings, pump parts, heat exchanger tubesAnti-wear, anti-corrosion, airtight
High-temperature oxidationSteam channels, thermocouple sleevesAnti-heat, anti-oxidation
Mechanical  EnginesNozzles, turbine blades, rotors,?burner partsAnti-heat-shock, anti-wear, anti-heat
GrindingsSand-blasting nozzles, inner linersAnti-wear
Ordinary industries   Pulp waste liquidSpindle seals, bearings, forming platesAnti-corrosion, anti-wear
High temperatureKiln devices, crucibles,?heat-transfer devicesAnti-heat, high thermo-conductivity
Large power coolingSeals, base boardsHigh thermo-conductivity
Refractory materials, heat exchangersAnti-heat, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, airtight
MilitaryTanks, helicopters, warshipsBulletproof sheetsLight in weight, high bulletproof coefficient